Maternity Leave

Rhumb is now on official maternity leave. She is five weeks along now, a little pumpkin belly, but mostly still looking like the svelte athlete she is.

She was morning sick for a little over a week, kweezy with any food scent, but just this past Friday she seems to be eating a bit more and not so upset when we are in the kitchen.

Instead of working, helping me design World Treibball League matches, practicing distance and directionals with Spore, we are hiking.

Maternity Leave
Story, Rhumb, and $eeker

Maternity leave isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just a change in the intensity of activity, more fresh air, which we all need right about now, and new smells and sights.

Because I am hiking with two senior dogs, The Boyz, and one Sexy Pregnant dog, we have been looking for high desert and remote areas to hike in. The popular trails around our valley are notorious for conflicts and off leash dogs with owners doing whatever, so we drive, we search out, and we hike in stress free areas.

And we are all loving it, a lot. I am thinking one whole year on maternity leave would not be a bad thing.

Mother Nature has been gifting us with blue sky, cold air, and very little wind. And because it is winter, no snakes, so win-win.

Have a great day, Nancy