Valentines Puppies

Well it was a busy night for all of us, mostly Rhumb though.

Please WELCOME to the world five healthy and beautiful puppies. Mama and Pups are doing well today. Just settling in to each other, nursing a ton, squeaking, motoring about trying to find the best spot, and of course sleeping.

With all of these pups safely on terra firma now, Rhumb has room to eat again, and that she did! She consumed about 4 cups of raw mixed meals with green tripe today, and easily two bowls of water.

Everything went according to Mother Nature and Rhumbs instincts, I was there to help and change out towels and pads when needed. It was all pretty awesome. Here is a link to their birth VIDEOS

Please visit our 2018 LITTER PAGE for more information.

DOB info

DAY #1 photos – click on a photo and then you can scroll through with ease!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    As I mourn my sweet Una~my mother’s day girl~I celebrate with you this beautiful Valentines Day litter! Congratulations on a job well done all the way around! ❤

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    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Cheryl, I had no idea that she passed. Thank you for the well wishes, and as always, we love having your puppies in class!!! ❤


  2. Casper O' Hane says:

    I would be tempted by those beautiful little babies… but nah, I’ve had enough puppy recently to last me a while yet. I’m currently loving my more independent nine month old but slightly dreading her going into heat. 😉


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