7 Days Old – and thriving

One week, seven days, and hardly any real sleep to speak of (for the adults that is), and everyone is doing really well. We had -16 this morning, and while the house is warm and toasty, every one inside can sense a more ‘hunkering in’ kind of day.

Rhumb is hitting her stride now. She knows how to give herself space on her own pillow, when her puppies need her, and when she needs to go outside for a run or a good stretch of sorts. A settling in for a New Mama.

She did have some mastitis, and between the pups nursing hard on the two swollen mammary glands, thanks to the Robust Boy Nursing Team, we have been giving her colloidal silver, and in almost 2 hours, there was significantly less irritation. So I am grateful.

With all young life, for me anyway, there is the feeling of heart flutters, and also a watchfulness for well-being and safety, I think because of the fragile nature of new borns. Every day I am grateful that these pups and Rhumb are healthy and thriving. I never take that for granted, ever.

So our 1 week weigh-in – Things are looking good!

#1 – 1 lb – 9.5oz

#2 – 1 lb – 9.2oz

#3 – 1 lb – 4 oz

#4 – 1 lb – 9.5oz

#5 – 1 lb – 9.5oz

Click on a photo and it will enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.

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