Day #14 – two weeks on this planet

These little Border Collie chunks have now been on this planet for two weeks.

They are nursing, scooting about, standing for nano-seconds, eyes wide open, rolling, flipping, chirping, and now just starting to interact with each other.

We still have some all night long performances at the Night Circus, but we are starting to have some quiet ones as well. Both are welcome, I am just grateful for healthy and curious puppies.

Two of the puppies are starting to urinate on their own without Rhumb stimulating them, and one of the pups is trying to crawl up onto the pig-rails of the whelping box to see what is on the other side.

Rhumb is eating about 4-6 pounds of raw food each day. Her requirements for calcium:phosphorous are tremendous right now while she is recovering and nursing this milky crew. Her energy is coming on nicely, her coat is falling out as it should after whelping a litter, and she is enjoying longer naps than usual for her.

Contracts for the pups are starting to go out this week to some awesome experienced homes, and I believe we might have one possibly two puppies still available. Our contact info is on the bar above if you are interested, and then we can start a conversation – All the best, Nancy

Click on a photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease!

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