Day #20 – it’s time to transition

Today we left the neonatal stage, the stage were the puppies are 100% reliant on their mother for food, elimination, warmth, and safety.

For me the neonatal stage is like a tender trap, it is so new, so precious, so delicate, and so very very fragile, that it requires the utmost attention and time, but oh so willingly.

Now we are entering the transition developmental stage where things are going to burst forward, and in kind of a hurry.

This week the puppies new play/day area is being put up, room to stretch the legs, explore new objects, new visuals, new textures, and new just about everything. We will be introducing food in about three to four days. And we will be adding an outside area, weather permitting so they can get their feet on the snow/earth, and some good old fashioned vitamin D, which is so very important.

This crew is becoming more and more playful by the hour – Nancy

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