Day #22 – Outside Field Trip

Living in an eight month winter state, in the winter, is saying that one pretty much likes wintry like weather.

But today, it was a winter day that is kind of a pay off for all of the blustery days you live through.

Blue sky, no wind, snow, and enough warmth on our deck that the puppies had a chance to come outside for a bit.

They road in the basket and kind of liked that adventure, and then loaded back up when their field trip was over.

I am hoping for more winter, but also days like this, as I want to get the puppies out more and more.

And, nursing outside, in the sunshine, with fresh air, and that crisp cold yet warm sun air, has to be a bit of puppy perfect type day. – Nancy

Click on any of the photos to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.

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  1. Casper O' Hane says:

    Where I live, it’s been so weird; one day it’s 65 degrees, the next it’s snowing.

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