Day #24 – field trips and teeth

We have been on the move for the past couple of days.

The puppies are getting nice solid balance, and looking to interact with a bit more of their world, day by day.

On Wednesday night, way late at night during one of the Night Circus performances, I heard some strange lip smacking noises, more than usual, so I turned on the light and reached into their whelping box to pet each one and see what was going on, #4 put her little mouth around my finger and there it was, TEETH. Little teeth that had just popped through the gums.

Now it makes sense why they were all ever so slightly fussy during the day.

Let the puppy teeth fun begin!

On Thursday, day #23, we had a field trip and now permanent move to the family room. They weren’t sure at first about the new space, but now they are loving it!, Exploring, looking around, touching new things, and getting use to all of the household noises.

We also had our first visitor, Katherine, who will be #3’s new owner come April. #3 will get to move onto 30 acres, have an older sister dog Layla to get to know, and an awesome active and loving life.

This morning everyone seemed content in the new area, they are sleeping as awesome music is playing and coffee is being made. So life is good and we are moving along!

Click on any photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.

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