Day #29 – bone day

If you accidentally mistake a predator and opportunistic scavenger for a cute sugary puppy, just put down a bone or two and you will be quickly reminded who is in your presence.

Today was raw meaty bone day, yahoo!

I saved a bunch of riblets from the lambs out at the ranch where Rhumb and Story are from, so that was cool in itself.

The puppies nursed, I fed them their little meal, and then brought in the bones. Bones are usually pretty high value for dogs, so I make sure all of the other needs have been taken care of.

The puppies were polite for about a second.

#1 just couldn’t believe her damn luck, dragged a rib away and was simultaneously whining, chirping, ripping, and sucking on the bone.

And then between them all there was ripping of meat, sucking, pulling, dragging of the bones, and growling over a valuable resource, all normal canine behavior. And this is important because they literally have no ‘learned’ behavior with bones to this point, this was all instinct, and species specific. I love this so much.

Growling, posturing, seeking more space, and sinking their new teeth in with gusto. I am always close by when introducing bones to my puppies or new dogs, I want to know how they handle the value. Separating the puppies here and there made it easier for all of them, space is always a good thing.

They tired pretty quickly, this little display lasted all of about 4 minutes. They didn’t consume much, but more than I thought they would.

I also thought these little riblets would be a good raw meaty bone for the first week or so, and after today I think I am going to a bigger bone as #5 showed me that he was willing to try and fit all 4″ in his mouth.

Besides bones today the novelty items we added to their area were a cardboard box big enough to crawl into, and a big bowl of water. They have been having a blast today figuring it all out. – Here is to puppy dreams – Nancy

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