DAY #37 – busy, busy, busy

We no longer have border collie nuggets.

We no longer have multiple Night Circus performances.

We no longer have gentle toothless mouths tugging on us.

We have full on Sexy Beasts occupying our puppy romper room.

They are growing, filling out, becoming super curious about everything, teething like crazy, really playful with us, their Mama, and each other, and inventing new games each day.

We are increasing their food a little at a time, and adding new proteins to the ground raw chicken, and a little, very little, fruit and vegetable.

They started on Diatomaceous Earth which is a great source of trace minerals and also a great way to gently cleanse the system of any parasites, if there are any, without causing unnecessary inflammation.

We have had visitors nearly everyday, and this Sexy crew is so forward friendly and accepting of human voices, scent, and touch. They are so trusting, sweet, and curious.

And of course, after I cleanup, feed, and rearrange their area, I still have my play and snuggle time with them, all to myself.

They are learning that the bells on the door mean the door is opening, and are starting to investigate using them.

They are 90% accurate with their potty pads, and are now wanting to go outside to potty which is pretty cool.

They LOVE their water bowl outside, it’s kind of the ‘water hole where the cool kids hang out’. For whatever reasons they have, they snub their water dish inside.

Teething, furry piranhas, bite size vampires, whatever you want to call them, they have their full set of teeth and are now using them on everything, visitors beware, and dress appropriately, naked toes will get chomped on within – 3…2…1…

Click on any photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.


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