Day #42 – 6 weeks old!

The days of lots of sleep, teetering about, snuggling for hours is gone. For now anyway.

The Sexy Beasts are 6 weeks old and they want to fly, explore, get out and move, and sink their new teeth into everything. As they should.

They are coming up with new games, new inventions, and new rules in and amoungst themselves. I can stand there and watch them for hours.

I am getting them out for more car rides, and trips to our dog gym to really open up and fly.

As are all spring months in Montana, we have glorious sun one day, and super crap gray,cold, and blustery days on another day. We have the patio door open for the puppies during their awake times so they can come and go. Pork Chop (#5) is the only one who truly appreciates the colder days, and loves to lay in the weather, he seems to run a bit hotter than the rest.

Puppy update – they are all forward friendly at this age, eating well, and playing A LOT!

#1 – Mama Beetz – She had a serious digestive upset of sorts starting on Saturday, and was critical by early Sunday morning. Here is the link to the brief FB POST. We don’t know exactly what caused it other than a transition to new foods that her personal constitution didn’t do well with. Rhumb had a bit of an upset digestive system as well, two days later, so I am going to guess that it was the pig trachea that did it, as those two loved it more than the rest. Anyhoo, after lots of following herbal protocols and talkign with my Holistic Veterinarian, she is back on track, bossing Pork Chop around, eating well, and today, Wednesday, she is pooping normal for the first time in 5 days! Boom!

#2 – Massimo – Sweet as buttons, getting into playground play with #3 and #4, and relying on his Mama for the serious romping play. Rhumb is teaching him a lot about play, frustration tolerance, and everything being okay. He is a super snuggler, and now a super big player. He will not eat out of his own bowl, he doesn’t like to dine alone, and prefers to share a bowl with #3 or #4.

#3 – Skye – She is the engineer, interior re-decorator, game coordinator, and cruise director. She is all about solving concepts, reasoning, and work. A lover when she is done for sure, but when she is working and playing, she is amazing!

#4 – Seiche – The Flying Monkey – I believe she has opposable thumbs. She is a big player, loves the games, loves figuring out who is what and where, is always in the thick of it, and when she catches your eye she does a flying leap right at you, and then crawls up your shirt to snuggle under your chin. Super hard worker and player, and a good little lover. She is our first barker noise maker, she sounds like her Mama did at this age, random acts of noise.

#5 – Pork Chop/Cusco – He is big and lunky, like a little bear. He loves hardwood and cool air while he is growing, a true love bucket, comedian, and honest puppy. He is who he is and he loves just about everything. My teenage son is easily his favorite person, and when those tow get together they are inseparable. A great eater, player, and snuggler, and while he is growing his ginormous body, he sleeps a bunch.

We are headed to the gym today for another run about and car ride. Their little personalities are not so little any longer as they start to come into their own. I love being able to watch this unfold hour by hour! – Nancy

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  1. Casper O' Hane says:

    I’m curious: are you keeping one?


    1. Lisa says:

      I had that same question?!?

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