DAY #44 – reaching out into the bigger world

I had it all done for all eight dogs before 7:30am – cleaned up, changed potty pads, pottied adult dogs outside, did a raw grind for 24 adult dog meals, did a raw grind for the puppies, fed everyone, cleaned up again, played and snuggled with everyone, and then the real day began.

Car rides, errands with drive-thru’s for more car noises and people voices, radio, highway speeds, dirt road mild bumpiness, and then home for afternoon visitors.

My summer Office Assistants came over for a visit and they brought their Mom with them. The puppies weren’t quite sure what to do with the little people, little noises, and different body language. So they all hung back and watched. And when they realized all was well they came out for a nice visit.

It was so sweet, so precious, and all around yummy.

The Sexy Beasts are now eating 10% of their body weight every day. Besides raw feeding being optimal, the benefit of starting a puppy on raw food as they wean from Mama’s milk is that they will grow more slowly than a kibble fed dog, and grow evenly (bones, muscles, tendons) as nature intended. Great for oral health (teeth and gums), gut health, and structural health. And their coats, while varied in length are so yummy, full, and soft.

Their games are becoming more creative hour by hour, day by day.

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  1. Lisa Wisdom says:

    Oh my they look so big in this video…awwww I can’t wait. 13 day, 9 hrs, 2 mins and 20-second countdown til I jump in the car to head to Montana!!! Woot Woot!


    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      See you soon ❤


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