Day #50 – Fun with frozen raw fish day!

A holiday you say?

Why yes, it is National Fun with Frozen Raw Fish Day!

Or it is to my Sexy Beasts at the very least.

Today, as in right now, when you enter my house, there is a faint harbor, back bay, baby seal scent. Delicate, but it’s there. And the occasional sparkly scale. And the satiated crashed out pups, seal pups, dog pups, today it is one in the same.

Today was the Sexy Beasts first day with raw fish and they loved it once they got into it. We are carcass feeding after meal time right now but will go to carcass feeding for meals once they are about six months of age.

For every reason, teeth, gum, digestion, gut, coat, skin, whole carcasses are a complete meal, and encourage optimal vibrant health in dogs in every way. And for puppies it is also play time, and fun with food time. And who doesn’t like fun food every now and again!

CAR RIDE UPDATE – Early this morning we went for the longest car ride yet, 2.5 hours, over two mountain passes, dirt roads, and one errand. They did awesome. One block to settle in, and they all woke once about an hour into the trip, but quickly went back to sleep. They are doing awesome with travel.

Okay back to Stinkville – Nancy

The video says it all –

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