DAY #51 – Boxes, Mama Tug, and the First Fear Stage

We have had such a fun and interactive morning and it isn’t even 9am yet.

Rainy, a bit warmer than it has been, lots of play, and hungry, hungry puppies.

We added some new challenges in the romper room this morning, and while last night it was all too much, this morning it was well received. Welcome to the first Fear Stage, +/- eight weeks of age.

I am getting ready to load everyone for the morning drive, the wet roads will offer a new sound so this will be good.

These little Chunk Biscuits are now eating 10% of their daily body weight and have started on – turkey, chicken, cornish hen, lamb, elk, deer, sardines, beef, pork (that didn’t go so well so we will try it again), goats milk, rabbit, and duck (they really like duck). So we are moving right along. Spinach was a bit much for their system, but bananas and apples in moderation worked well and helped with better digestion. I only wish my dandelions were up and growing right about now, I might just have to go to our co-op and look for some.


Click on any photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.

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