Day #52 – turkey necks, new toys, new crate

Everyone woke up hungry, and with good cause. Every single paw in the puppy romper room was two sizes bigger than when they went to sleep last night. And this means that they now need to grow into these new size paws, so I am thinking this is a big growing week.

We have barkers, jumpers, players, game seekers, snugglers, and of course, teethers. They are all trying out their new canine skills, and I love seeing the world through their new bright eyes, where everything is slightly amazing!

We had our lovely Friday visitors, so lovely to see the puppies remember them each week, snuggle right in, and to have this consistency, and yummy love, I look forward to it as much as they do!


Please click on a photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.


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