DAY #55 – The Puppy Den of Iniquity

We have growls, barks, moos, garoos, mounting, stand overs, chasing, rolling, mouthing, cleaning each others genitals, carcass eating, tug, and some super satiated puppies.

Every day they are trying out their new canine skills, what works and what doesn’t, and between each other and Mama Rhumb, they are developing some pretty cool social skills, puppy communication.

When their needs have been met with, play, running about, chewing on raw meaty bones, their meal, and potty time, well they are still as snugly and yummy as ever.

Our schedule is more or less something like this – give or take a couple of hours because growing pains and teething change everything – but more or less –

4-6am – stir about, whimper for Rhumb, if she shows up they nurse, potty and go back to sleep. If she doesn’t go to their gate, they potty and gently go back to sleep, sometimes we will give them a bowl of raw goats milk, and then back to sleep.

7 – 7:30am – rise and shine with a ravenous appetite – I feed them their raw mix with green tripe, raw goats milk, DE, and now some camelina oil. Outside to potty, play, light snooze for about 1/2 -1 hour to digest.

9 – 11am – Wake up and ready to romp and roar. Potty outside, and romp and roar on the back deck with toys and raw turkey necks or a carcass part. Up and down the stairs, snuggle, run away, chew on something, run away, snuggle, a bit of everything. Super active time. Today they went until 11:30am. Sleep for a couple to a few hours.

1-3pm – Wake up, potty outside, super hungry, so mid afternoon meal, potty outside, and play, big romping play, tug, chase, chewing on body parts, rolling, hide n’ seek. This can last from 1/2 hour to 3 hours.

3-6pm – Somewhere in this time area, a late afternoon crash, deep sleep. When they wake up they want to go outside potty, hang out, mill about, lightly chew on things.

3-6pm – Sometimes during this time, they are hungry and sometimes they are not. This would be the third meal if they are hungry.

4-8pm – Sometimes this is the third or fourth meal. Somedays they are good with three, other days they need four. After their evening meal they are awake, busy, and running super fast, and playing hard. The evening ‘zoomies’. Not a good time to bend down and try to kiss any of them, teeth are lashing and thrashing, This lasts for about an hour or more.

9-10:30pm – When the zoomies pass, we have crashed out puppies. They sleep hard until 10-10:30pm. We let them outside for about 5-15 minutes, and then lights out at 11pm +/-.

The life of a puppy is a good one. We have all noticed that we have less dings in our hands and toes, and they are starting to get some really nice bite inhibition, in great thanks to each other and their awesome Mama Rhumb. – Nancy

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  1. Lisa Wisdom says:

    Be still my heart! I am so in love already.

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