DAY #58 – because it all happens so quickly

Okay time is going by way to quickly.

We are just hitting our stride with a good routine, and the puppies are coming into their own and seem to live by the postal service creed “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers Sexy Beasts from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. They are seriously game for everything. I love it.

I am now getting use to grinding and making sixty pounds of raw food twice a week. It was a bit overwhelming at first but now it is normal, my normal anyway.

We are all sleeping just a bit more, this is good.

Rhumb seems to be coming back into her own, with the addition of her incredible maternal skills. She loves being with her puppies, she loves playing with them, and when I work with her or work with the puppies we are all one big unit so they can learn from each other. Nancy

AND, training has begun.

From late last night, just waking up and right before dinner

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