DAY #60 – life in motion

We have been chasing sunshine around our yard all morning, literally. Just when it feels warm enough, and awesome enough, a cloud will come in, the temperature drops, and droplets of rain here and there, and then patches of sun come through again.

Not a bad game for puppies in the yard who are learning about their life and all it has to offer. They didn’t really care, they were just thrilled to be out and having adventures, chewing on things, rolling in mud, chewing on more things, and exploring every corner of the yard.

MASSIMO & SEICHE are just coming into their first sub-fear stage. Not as dramatic as Skye did, but it is there more or less, little stress’ here and there. Skye is now on the other side of it for sure, until the next sub fear stage around 6 -14 months of age. Mama Beetz and Pork Chop haven’t shown any signs yet, but we have another week or so for this developmental stage to play out.

PORK CHOP & SKYE are still the best play ground friends. They are first out at recess, and last ones to line up to come in. They have been this way since the day their eyes opened.

MAMA BEETZ is going to be a sturdy girl and she knows it. She reminds me so much of her Mama at this age.

Today after munching away on turkey necks, there was lots and lots of running through mud, the raspberries, and the remaining snow pile. Constant motion, playing, running, and the super duper highlight of the day, and something to be mastered, was the pile of garden dirt and wheel-barrel. Three would weave through the raspberries, and make little ‘forest paths’ while two would be mastering the art of wheel-barrel climbing, and then they would switch off.

Story was a big hit with the Beasts this afternoon, they loved having their Great Uncle around. He is so patient, so very patient. Skye, Seiche, and Massimo were hanging on him, getting in his face, and just wanting to be near, those three cannot seem to get enough of Story. Pork Chop and Mama Beetz would run with him , or try at least, they are kind of his ‘mini me’s’…

I have lots of photos from today – just click on one and it will enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease. Nancy

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