Our two playground players, who invented all of the best games for everyone, went to their new homes yesterday, and it left Massimo, Pork Chop, and Mama Beetz at a bit of a loss.

We had a very off night, edgy, and unsettled. Rhumb wanted into their romper room at about 4:30am this morning just to snuggle with them, no nursing, just snuggling and checking in.

This morning everyone woke up around 6:30am and Rhumb and I got a good game of tug going, the mood was definitely better, and the puppies are showing their resiliency and adaptability to change. While my heart is hurting as they leave my nest, I am thrilled that everything we have done to prepare them for their bigger lives is in place, as this will be their super power going forward, the ability to adapt and adjust.

We had our first morning of RECALLS in the white fluffy snow, that was super fun, and then play, play, play. They had time to chew on their raw meaty bones a bit, and now they are snoozing pretty hard.

We are headed to the gym to let them run around and work on the equipment, and skateboards obviously (it is kind of their legacy after all … so).

Good spirits this morning for sure, and I am receiving the sweetest photos ever of Skye and Seiche in their new homes, for this I am grateful. Nancy

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