Our first outing into the bigger world

Today will be the last post for a good little while on the 2018 Valentines Sexy Beast litter. When they are a bit older, I hope to post some photos and updates, but now it is time for them to settle in to the ‘new’ in their lives.

They are now with their forever families, and will be venturing into the bigger world day by day.

I feel fortunate that each home is loving, understanding, dog sport/ working/outdoor focused, holistically minded, feeds raw or is in the process of learning how to feed raw (the direction they are going), does minimal vaccination or none, and an experienced  dog centered home. I truly feel fortunate.

Today we took Massimo, Mama Beetz, and Rhumb on their first little walk/hike. The trail was snow crusty and deep, so we stuck to the muddy road. It wasn’t long, but it was so good for all of us

Then a little play session at the gym, and then some chewing on raw freeze dried duck heads. Their day has been good.

All the best to my Sexy Beasts who are now out and living their lives, I love you, Nancy




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  1. Teresa says:

    You have a very generous heart that must be so heavy today as you balance the emotions of elation for their successful new lives and saying good-bye to them after putting 110% of yourself into each one of them. We love you

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  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you just doesn’t do it…we are truly so fortunate to be apart of Sexy Beast. Here’s to many, many adventures ahead! ❤️🐾

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    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      and welcome to the Sexy Beast Family ❤


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