6 Month Old Sexy Beasts

Well our 2018 Valentines Sexy Beasts are now 6 months old. Here is our check-in –

#1 – MAMA BEETZ – She is with me and my crew in Montana, she seems to be the biggest in the litter so far – 34.8 pounds as of today and quite tall. She also was diagnosed with bilateral OCD and had surgery last night. I sat down with our Orthopedic Veterinarian this mornign and watched the video of her surgery, it was gorgeous, the inside of her system, the vessels, the blood, the movement, and the surgical tools removing what was not forming correctly.

They expect a 100% recovery and a full on athletic border collie life – 8 weeks of rehab in front of us, but in just 4 weeks the swimming starts and we love that, so that is our goal, small steps, good steps, ROM exercises, and then swimming!

Sweet, super social, mischievous, and a tremendous problem solver.


#2 – MASSIMO – He is with me and my crew in Montana, and my husbands comic relief. He is going to be a big, thick boy. He is just now coming into sexual maternity, early adolescents, his second sub fear stage, and crazy boy behavior. He is powerful, an incredible worker, loves his people, is a goof ball and a charmer, and is our new irrigation engineer. He has appointed himself the keeper of all sprinklers, what, where, why, and when.

Sweet to those he knows right now, loving, so super loving to his family, goofy, and a powerful worker.

#3 – SKYE – She lives in Montana – “Skye, also known as Skye Baby and more recently as Skye Rocket for-her incredible speed and agility has been with us since mid April. She has had a busy summer. Two camping trips and another coming next week. She’s been on about a dozen short hikes with her big sister, black lab, LAyla, who she loves! They play tug and growl every morning. She watches Layla and me all the time…keeps her busy for sure. She has played in lakes and more recently the Yellowstone River….so far she only goes in shoulder deep, but in general really likes water. I haven’t had her in my kayak yet as I’m waiting for her to grow more to her final size before I invest in an expensive life jacket.

Skye shares a passion with her mom and siblings: she LOVES hoses….likes to catch the flow and if they are not running she grabs the end and pulls them their full length and either barks at them or lies down beside and watches intently. She likes to try and herd the neighborhood deer and chased her first jack rabbit this week. She always buries her evening bone, unlike Layla who eats hers pretty quickly she went to a full session of puppy classes and several play groups and received her AKC puppy behavior certification. .She can spin, twirl, hop up, roll over do different moves through my legs and has great recall. She like all people, all dogs and cats too. She is afraid of the lawn mower, hair dryer , vacuum and weed whacker but pays no attention to thunder. She loves riding in the car and is good traveler….goes to sleep.

She is eating raw and has a good appetite.Particularly likes bananas, not so much kale.. Gets her rabies shot this month and will be spayed in September. She has had two sets of Parvo, distemper shots. Skye is a very happy girl and has easily adjusted to her new life with us. I still kennel her when I leave home but otherwise she has a lot of freedom here at our rural home. She stays close to the house unless we all go out for a walk, which we do every morning and some evenings. We are all in love and enjoying being a family!”

#4 – JILLY – She lives in Portland – “Here is my update on Miss Jilly! We love the heck out of this little girl each and every day as she is growing, learning and maturing. She is a punk (as I like to call her) at this stage…lots of structure and training each day is much needed or all hell can break loose. She is very sweet with greetings, though it’s can be very exciting right now, but she is so good at sitting and waiting and really likes people a lot and doing great with kids too (one at a time). She loves to sit or lay in my lap at night and nuzzle my ear… still or when I come home and she comes out of her kennel, she will sit and we just love on each other and nose my ear. Playing with Keeper is the best and they have plenty of time together. Loves the water whether is a bowl, bucket, river or ocean…she hasn’t fully gone swimming but that will happen this week I think.”

#5 – PORK CHOP – He is living large in Alaska – puppy school, social meet and greet outings, and now actively involved in tracking. Every photo I receive of him he is either in some gorgeous area of the far north, with horses, with other dogs in stores, or being loved on by someone, he seems to have a harem of sorts. Every letter I receive I see the words, “we love him so much” – and that is enough for me.

Each and every Sexy Beast is living such an awesome life, and for that I am grateful – Nancy

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  1. Lisa D Wisdom says:

    Oh, I forgot to add…Jilly weighted in at 32lb on Monday.


  2. Casper O' Hane says:

    Oh, Beetzy… I hope that’s not too serious? Lots of love to you and her.
    So awesome to see all the other pups doing so well. Perfect timing, I just sent an email to Brèagha’s breeder, with some pictures and updates on how she is doing. I try to stay in touch pretty frequently, I know how important it is.


  3. Natalia Morgan says:

    Dear Cusco ! I’m so sorry I didn’t send Nancy a better update. He is living large here in Alaska! Our photo taking skills are lacking but his are not. Pork Chop loves his buddy Hugh, he is hard crushing on his brother Tonto and can’t get enough of his sisters! He’s hit adolescents but not as hard as I thought he would😁 He loves his toys but, oh my, food is his thing! He’s a rock star at tracking considering his age, loves, loves, loves people (ALL the people) , and just can’t get enough of anything! He brings joy, is joy, and we can’t get enough of him! We love him, am amazed by him, and drink him 8n everyday🐶❤🐶


  4. Just been looking at your page and reading through the journey, from newborns to now. I love to see such beautiful, healthy dogs brought into the world.
    The stigmatization of breeders by the radical PETA-esque “adopt don’t shop” movement is disturbing; it seems to be growing lately, which is worrisome. I’ve been condemned as “selfish” by people who know nothing about me for choosing to adopt from an ethical breeder, I’ve had people ask if my dog is “a rescue” and then act all disappointed when I say no, and I had people telling me I needed to get my dog spayed when she was only 12 weeks old. It makes me sad to think how people might be shamed out of getting the right dog for them by the breeder hater movement.
    I have the utmost respect for breeders like you and the amount of time, health tests, money, and dedication that goes into breeding healthy dogs like these.


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