One Year Old & Happy Valentines

Hard to believe that this time last year Rhumb was in the thick of labor. Our Sexy Beasts are now one, and here is a little update from each family!


She is keen, high spirited, and wild just like her Mom was at this age. She does not want to be reined in, but rather fly and be free and invest her time in explosive and dynamic things. She loves her brother, but she loves her Mom even more, they are super duper close. With each day she wants to snuggle more with us, but truly her Mom is the center of her universe. Her movement is unlike any dog I have seen and I will be investing time in movement/freestyle work starting some time this year, she is gorgeous whether moving slow or fast. Her herding skills are powerful, a bit too much for the ducks, so we are flirting with the idea of goats, oh happy days! – Nancy


He is thick and strong, yet sleek and built for speed. He loves his people, if he could he would melt right into you. He has dreamy sexy eyes, loves to work, is smooth and crazy agile like his Mom, and he just wants to be wherever the chores are happening, he wants to be a part of it all. He wants to know he is loved, he wants to know he can go visit his ducks, and he wants to be near his Mom when he is not loving his people. He does love his sister, and he does love his Mom, but since he was four weeks old Story has been his main crush, Bromance to this day – Nancy

SKYE – #3

“Here’s my bright eyed Skye Rocket aka Skye Baby. She’s a bundle of energy…would like to have interactive play every waking moment. Loves walks, sticks, balls, all toys and is a relentless fetcher! She also loves our xc skiis , hikes, going in the car and into stores. Wants to greet everyone.She can do all the basic moves: spin, twirl, go through, around, sit, down, but stay is hard for her.

She likes to move. I’m hoping to get her in an agility class this spring. In the meantime I’ve set up a homemade agility course where we can practice weaving (not a great success yet), going up a ramp, jumping a rail, hop hupping, going through a hula hoop, under and through a homemade tunnel. She does a bit of solo walkabouting on the property…she is very independent girl….but has really good recall when I call her back to the house.

She is very affectionate and loves getting in my lap several times a day for some close up snuggles. She snuggles with Layla at night. Is sleeping through the long winter nights and now asks to go out when she needs to be “a big girl”…..our term for potty. She is on mostly homemade raw food with some commercial products. She can be peculiar about eating sometimes. She’ll look at it as if it’s something really weird, sometimes will walk away and I’ll have to encourage her to eat. Sometimes it seems she wants me to stay with her while she eats and sometimes the only way she will is if I hand feed her? Other times she laps it up. She enjoys her evening marrow bone and will bury it immediately if she can go outside. Otherwise she’ll eat it. All Very different from how Layla lab interacts with her food. Can’t believe she’s a year old already – Katherine

JILLY – #4

“Every day is a new day with this youngin. We are up early at 7 AM sometimes earlier, she has continued to change my sleep schedule Yuk!

Jilly’s list of names continues to grow with Jilly Bean, Baby Bean, The Bean, Jumping Bean, Jacked Up Jilly Bean (ears up), Punk was in there for a while too…but we’re pretty sure she just a Jilly Bean for now and love her to the moon and back, she has the sweetest disposition about her that I just love – Lisa

But here is what Jilly has to say: We walk and hike regularly, and I go to training classes with my mom at least two times a week, we are always working on all the basic stuff and lots of tricks too. I get to hang out at the pet store where my mom says she works…it’s like an endless buffet of bully sticks and chewy’s galore! I continue to meet new friends and have play dates all the time and of course, my two brothers to hang out with all the time too. Keeper and I are the best of friends and can play for hours. I am growing and learning and that is our main goal for now.”

CUSCO – #5

“Tracking, Training, Teaching, & Traveling” – All up in the Far North – Peggy & Natalia

RHUMB LINE – and then there is their Mama, who to this day continues to love and nurture the two that stayed with us. She was so wild when she was younger, but like her Grandma Meg, and her Mother Thistle, she is SUPER maternal, and loves every little bit about being a Mama Dog. And her talents keep growing, and her love of working the ducks and being my right hand everything, well it is our perfect.

She is everything to me, truly, my Muse, and the foundation for everything good to come with Sexy Beast Border Collies – Nancy

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  1. Summer Time Fun says:

    Blessings abound with healthy Rhumb and all of her pups growing and thriving. Congratulations Nancy and Tom

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