and now they are 3 years old!

The past three years was a blink – it is hard to believe that the Sexy Beast litter of 2018 is turning three years old!

Here is a check-in from all of the owners – or what I like to call our Sexy Beast Family! Happy Birthday to you all. With love, Nancy

MAMA BEETZ (#1) and MASSIMO (#2) – Montana – My Beasts are still at our Border Farm. They are working our goats and ducks with much more ease now, I stand in awe watching their talents. To see them focused and in flow with their innate instincts each morning is something I very much look forward too. I see their mother, Rhumb, in their physical prowess, their strength and power, their ability to solve concepts, and their deep sense of sweetness.

Outside of their working side, Mama Beetz continues to be our comic relief, she is quirky, has a great sense of humor, and loves ‘game’. Massimo’s spirit runs a bit deeper, he is knowing, sensitive to those around him, and super soulful. Together they are the perfect pair, they balance each other.

These Beasts are also adventuring with us on trips to new mountain ranges and deserts, and are great travel companions, and to my surprise, love hotel rooms. They help with chores each day, and play treibball and tricks. I feel that they are coming into that beautiful adult stage where they know very much who they are now, are more thoughtful, and knowing of their full power. They are sweet, kind, and honest dogs, and I love them hard.

SKYE (#3) Montana – Here’s my girl doing what she loves best! Next in line she loves all outdoor interaction, hiking and skiing with Layla and dog and people friends, She has become quite an enthusiastic eater And loves going places in the car . she is incredibly affectionate and loves to snuggle in my lap. At night she snuggles with Layla on their bed next to mine. We are a tight threesome! It’s been a fast 3 years She has gotten over her fear of lawn mowers but is still terrified of vacuum. As a result I sweep more!

JILLY (#4) Oregon – Jilly continues to be the sweet snuggle puppy since day one, and she will lay in my arm just like a baby on her back, and her nose in the ear stills means you are one of her people. We love our trial hikes and beach trips, they are our get-away from the day to day and walk, run and play.

Last spring I decided to work on tricks x 3 dogs. Whew whoooo we completed her Novice trick title and are now going for the next level. We are working on Treibball and just getting started really. We hope everyone is being the best pups they can be and think about all of you all the time.

All the thanks goes to you Nancy for your kind heart and soul in all that you create!!!

Throw Back Pup Video

Jilly’s Trick Title

CUSCO (#5) Alaska – I don’t have a lot to report about Cusco other than that he is a happy, healthy, energetic young man🙂 He still loves people and continues to train with Peggy in tracking and scent works.

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