Well Happy Valentines to all of the SEXY BEASTS and to all of you. Here is a little update about who is doing what and where in this world.

#1 – MAMA BEETZ – “She has grown into herself all the way around. She has her beautiful adult coat now, incredible work ethic, and is as sweet as they come, and she has still retained her amazing sense of humor. Snuggling in together after a days work is one of our things. She accompanies me in the wee hours of the morning for egg deliveries around town, and seems to know all of our stops and who has left a treat out for her. She is bold, beautiful, and a true partner in everything we do.

As a young dog she had no interest in formal training, feral was more her speed. For sure we were working on skills, but you could tell that she was really just messing with you, letting you go through the motions. Much like her Mama, she had street cred!

Now, you would never know that, she dives into precision work as well as farm work with equal talent. Every morning her and I play with freestyle, just a way for us to start the day. Her maturity coupled with a lot of work together has now opened the doors to more hiking and backcountry adventures. Our family is really enjoying the time in the mountains again.

We did a breeding with Mama Beetz in late 2021, all looked good for another Valentines litter, but then she had a resorption. We are considering trying again late summer 2022, we’ll see. She is healthy and doing her thing, that is really all we need right now! I love this girl.” Nancy

My daughter with Mama Beetz – My husband with Massimo

#2 – MASSIMO – “Being Massimo is a tricky thing. He’s been gorgeous from the day he was born, which attracts people to him, but he can be socially sensitive. Now couple that with him being a powerhouse in work – strong, intense, and bold. Not uncommon for a working border collie, but Massimo, well his soulfulness runs a bit deeper.

Everyday it has been learning how to balance things so that we have harmony. psst – and it has been worth it.

At four years of age, all I can say is that he is our fine wine and just needed more time to mature into himself.

This past year we had so many guests stay at our home, whether to visit with us or just passing through, and he surprised us all with his welcome wagon attitude. And our goats look for Massimo every day, they want him nearby while they are foraging, or just goofing off. He is their guy!

He is becoming a super solid trail dog, hello backcountry!

Four years of slow maturing has created this amazingly solid dog, incredible work ethic, up for all of the chores, and seems to have a better knowingness about himself and his world. “


#3 – SKYE – “As ever Skye aka Skye Rocket, Miss Skyeness and Skye Baby has brought much joy and energy to Layla’s and my life.

She stays busy with her favorite activity, fetching her ball on dry land but most enjoyable, in water. We camped by water several times last summer so she was able to indulge herself. We also had fun during the summer with first Mama Nancy doing agility. Skye experienced her first long road trip in October.

First motel stays, sleeping in a tent and back of truck and visiting friends. All in the desert. She and Layla loved all the novel places, smells and people.

As always there are lots of walks and hikes and now some xc skiing. She is a delightful companion ….very affectionate….needs lap time at least once a day. Can’t believe she’s already four.”

Katherine and Skye

#4 – JILLY – “I can’t even believe it’s 4 years, and I know I say that each year too!

Jilly has become such a wonderfully sweet dog, though I still refer to her as the baby. Her trick basket continues to grow, we should have a bunch of titles but we have more fun just doing…

Hiking and beach trips continue to be our favorite things to do, but Jilly is an amazing demo dog to use in classes and for dog/dog greetings, she has always flattened herself to the ground (self-handicapping herself) when she sees another dog, whether in a classroom environment or out walking.

She continues to be a lover, still sticking her nose in your ear if you are one of her people or if she wants you to become one of her people. We still cuddle daily in that she will get up on my lap half-flip over on her back and we just relax and love on each other.

Thank you Nancy for such a great puppy, I brag about all you do all the time, priceless information that we all need to hear all the time.” Wags xoxo to all the pups, Lisa and Jilly

#5 – CUSCO – I haven’t heard from Cusco’s people for the past year, so I have nothing to add here. We think of our Pork Chop almost daily and hope he is having an awesome life up North and is loved to the moon and back.

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