Day #3

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Mama Beetz was super busy nursing throughout the night, and then bunching her littles up into the blankets while she stretched out and caught a little nap here and there.

Not sure who, but one of these littles was chugging throughout the night, you could here the gulping of milk from across the room.

They are all starting to really fill out, the ink is starting to show on several of the pups, and our two tri colored pups are starting to show their brownish cheeks today, and possibly brown eye dots.

Right now on day #3 if Mama Beetz lays down on the other side of the whelping box, they can squirm over to her and find her in no time at all now. These pups are vigorous and have such a great energy about them.

And with seven of them, they are building their frustration tolerance and tenaciousness while nursing, it is nothing short of a rugby scrum – pushing, shoving, flipping, stepping on one another, bumping, and competing. So awesome to see this vitality.

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  1. Pam Perry says:

    OMG precious!!! Are they’ll spoken for?? HAPPY NEW YEAR Nancy – Love Pam and Jaz


    1. Nancy Tanner says:
      at 4-5 weeks we will be matching pups to owners – there are still a few available


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