DAY #4

Happy New Year 2023!

Well from about sunset through 1am Mama Beetz wanted to be in her crate with a fan next to her because of the fireworks. I knew this was coming as our area of town tends to love fireworks, and it is fairly intense, so I sat with her and the pups all late afternoon to make sure they were super milked up and content.

Mama did super well and was in the place she felt safe, the wood stove was going so it was roasty toasty, the pups were content.

When she came out after 1am, I watched an entire movie from the whelping box until 3am, making sure that she felt safe and calm, and the pups attended too. Not a bad place to be in the wee hours of New Years morning!

Mama’s appetite is now coming up huge with the milk demands, we for sure have 4 gulpers, you can hear them across the room. Early this morning until now she has consumed about 4lbs of raw complete food that we make ourselves, and she is still craving organ meats, liver for sure, but also kidney, those are the first two things she consumes. By the end of today it will for sure be over 6lbs of food, which would be similar to her mothers consumption. BUT, the real caloric demands will come when these littles aren’t so little any more and really consume milk, so I would imagine she will be more like 7-8lbs a day in the next 3-4 weeks.

Mama is coming out for morning and afternoon chores now, but just partially. She helps me feed the goats, and get the pasture gates ready for them to move around, and set out warm water buckets. She seems super stoked to be moving around again and working, but she for sure tires faster, so every chore is shorter for her right now.

The pups are squirming around a lot, they like to burrow under arm pit and between their Mama’s legs and when they are done they sometimes come out on the back side and then kind of choo-choo train around her body until they find another teet. It is so fun to see this, and it is a bit early for this much mobility.

There are definitely now two that are bigger than the others, and one that is smaller, while they looked super similar at birth, there is now visibly a difference. The head size is most notable. The sire has a giant head, Mama Beetz small and long. The two bigger pups are the giant head pups.

And my girls are singers just like their Mama was in the whelping box, when they nurse they sing.

More and more ink is popping up on the noses, and some on the paws. Oh and speaking of these little paws, yes they would melt your heart, so perfect and yummy.


Sexy Beast Border Collies - 2022 Litter.

Sleeping border collie puppies - 4 days old

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