DAY #5

This is about the time where you learn that puppies have the opposite sleep cycle of the rest of the world.

They are super good sleepers and nappers during the day, and a total circus at night. Last night the noises coming out of the whelping box were impressive, and the amount of movement equally so.

Mama Beetz was on the night shift for sure, these littles were nursing up a storm, chirping, yodeling, and moving about.

This is also the time where the Mama dog starts to set her own nursing schedule. Whether it is the smell the puppies make when she needs to stimulate them for elimination, or when she is full of milk, or a puppies cry, there is definitely rules she is making right now, and the puppies seem to understand.

Mama Beetz is super eager to do chores now, and also wanting to train. Her and her brother brought their toys to the training area and we worked on distance sends and behaviors at a distance, she was amped to say the least. It had to feel good to have the mental and physical exercise again.

As I type I can hear the pups nursing away, and her licking and cleaning them up. Content.

Time to get some laundry going.

sleeping border collie pups

Mama Beetz content after chores

puppies tired today because they were up all night in their own little circus

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