DAY #6

Well the males are nursing hard and sleeping hard, the females are nursing hard and scootin’ around and then sleeping. It’s a boy / girl thing that I see in so many litters, no matter the breed.

Last night was super peaceful.

I am starting to handle the pups a bit more, some like to lay belly up in my lap and others like to snuggle up in my neck.

When I share this info about the pups it is an intimate look at the whelping box time in a puppies life, and nothing more. A reminder to me when I look back, and also a great way to learn.

Two of the pups are starting to motor over the top of their Mama, through her legs, under her belly, and just exploring all they really know of their world right now.

One of the females is starting to lift her hind quarters and balance on her back two legs. She isn’t walking by any means, but she is starting to develop awareness for future mobility.

I was asked what the wood railing is in the whelping box – it is called a pig-rail. It keeps the mama dog from leaning against the side walls and accidentally smothering one of her pups, especially when she is super tired. And it also gives the pups a place to be that is snuggly and small.

Maybe I will do a video on the whelping box situation for those unfamiliar with them.

You can see how much they are growing in the photo while nursing, it all happens so quickly.

The two tri-colors are starting to show more color now.

And again, Papa has some seriously strong genetics, I see him in all but one puppy.

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