DAY #7

Well I am trying to video tape the awesome sounds coming out of the whelping box – when they nurse for sure, but after they are done nursing and settling in for a long snooze, the sounds are just fantastic.

The puppies are 7 days old today, they are nice and milk plump, and seem to be settling in nicely to their Mama’s schedule. They are napping longer, and nursing longer but less frequently. I will add at night, they nurse for really long periods of time.

They seem to have some regulation of their body temperature, not ready for cold by any means, but they no longer want to nest on top of the heating pad in the whelping box, and prefer the cooler spots. Our wood stove keeps the room nice and warm, but it is good to see this change happening.

Mama Beetz wants to be outside more often now, wants to work more, and seems to be gaining good energy again. She isn’t nesting as strongly as before whelping, she isn’t trying to burry the pups, and all of the instincts and hormones seem to be coming to a balance.

He works on cattle ranches in Montana and Idaho and is considering this sweet girl as his first working dog. A super nice visit and lots of sweetness.


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