DAY #8

And just like that – you have newborns, and then wake up to pups that have doubled in size, have chunky milk bellies, and are all gulping milk from mom like old pro’s.

Last night was so super content for all of us, Mama Beetz slept super well, the pups were super content last night and through the night, and it was the first real nights sleep so far.

The puppies during their first week didn’t oppose being held, but are really and only wired to seek mama, nurse, and sleep. So picking them up is for micro seconds.

Today is the first day where they truly snuggle into your neck, respond to being touched, and settle in your hands.

These puppies are robust to be sure, and nursing is now an official Team sport. Later today I will be clipping nails just so Mama Beetz doesn’t get to scratched up.

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  1. Teresa Tanner says:

    I love your supportive care of Mama Beetz


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