DAY #9

Well even with all of the full-contact-nursing and moving about I think I captured the long nails, so you can see what one week of growth looks like. They are almost all trimmed – but this is a good reminder how fast things grow. At this wee young age, toe nail clippers work great to take that nail tip off while they are sleeping.

Our line of border collies carry the LMBR gene – which is the original border collie highland genetics. The way that the border dogs were identified was their rear dew claw or double dew claws. Some have none, some one, and some two. Here is a little HISTORY

And if you are curious here is some of the best info in one place on this breed – FULL HOSTORY

Mama Beetz is super attentive to cleaning her pups, and I love hearing the squeaky protests and complaints when they want to nurse and she insists on cleaning.

They are all getting snugglier by the day, again in micro seconds.

Bedding is now being changed daily instead of every other day, so the laundry phase begins!

We are talking daily with potential ranches, farms, performance teams, and border collie folks – for these pups to live their heritage is my goal. I talk about dogs professionally all day long, but it is different to settle into my office in the evening and talk about my pups and with other folks about their needs and wishes. It is good for the heart, and finding the right matches.

Two are currently reserved, and I have more conversations lined up for tonight.

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