DAY #10

Good Morning!

Well I have a chance to post earlier than usual today, during daylight at least.

The big little milk chunks are doing so super well. Both Mama and pups are hitting their groove and it is getting smoother each day. Evening is now a content time, as is through the night.

Because Mama Beetz caloric needs keep going up, we are now leaving a plate of food out before we go to bed in case she needs that through the night. This morning that plate was empty and she happily greeted breakfast as well.

I have been bringing a puppy over to the kennel room gate for Massimo (Mama Beetz’ brother, litter mates) to meet. He has been sniffing them and then running away. He keeps coming back to greet them, so that is our start.

My Story and $eeker had a similar response to our past litters, it is interesting how a male reacts to pups. If anything it clarifies how real and intense maternal instinct is, how the female hormones that determine – care, nurturing, feeding, safety, and home are so very very real.

When the pups are latched on, they take their little paws and push and pop on Mama, when the milk really lets-down, the gulping starts and little tails start wagging, you can see that little white-tip blur below!

We had more visitors this morning, and again, all sweetness and puppy squeaks.

Here is the link to PROBLEMS WITH THE SUPER PUPPY PROGRAM – I know I know I know that this is super popular and a selling point that some owners and kennels have accepted as ‘fact’ that this is the best way to raise a litter. But with me being a midwife to multiple species I was always a bit skeptical. It has nothing to do with what nature intended for development.

So the claims you see on line for – puppy culture, super puppy, bio…, early neurological stimulation, it is for marketing more than anything else, and can cause some very real fall out behavior. I hope this helps.

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