DAY #11

Well the little eyelashes are now visible, face and muzzle shapes are changing a bit, and lots of ink coming in on the palettes, noses, and lips.

We had more visitors last night, and again it is such sweetness, I love watching potential owners faces change when they see the pups. Honestly I think nature intended it that way, when we see new life, and the physical attributes of new life, it taps into a place that is like a tender trap. We get softer, quieter, more gentle, and there is just so much natural care. I love watching and observing these interactions for what they are.

One of the pups is now starting to try to eliminate on his own, he is also the first one to try to stand up on all four legs. Not going anyplace but up on all four just the same.

Our tri-colored pups coat is now a visibly lighter black. It is still black just a lighter tone of black.

Mama Beetz is now carrying way more milk, her mammary glands are FULL and heavy to the touch. The video from today was quite fun to film. When I initially turned the camera on she was sitting and the pups latching on underneath her, which is a common position when the pups are a bit older, it gives them room to get underneath, but then they kept pushing and she fell over to the side and they crawled right up on her like little milk monsters. I had to turn the camera off and help her find a comfortable position. The video below is right after that.

Uncle Massimo got brave enough to come into the whelping room, and he was so quiet and so watchful. I was super proud of him, having a box of squeaking little nuggets has to feel strange to him. He is officially a monkey’s uncle!

Wait for pup #2 to come around the back-side.

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