DAY #13

Their eyes opened last night.

They are now eliminating on their own, all over.

They are trying to move towards what the see, hear, and smell.

These yummy pups are more vocal now because they can now hear, see, smell what they want to access.

Since they can see each other now, they are sucking each others faces, doing micro play sessions (literally two to three seconds), and they are mobile in this little space.

Their little worlds changed over night!

We removed the pig rails last night, added potty pads, and I am now doing laundry twice a day.

Mama Beetz was settling into her pups so super well, and with all of this crazy newness, she has been up on the bed in the kennel room looking down on the pups who are all way more active, can fully find her now, and are super noisy and pushy. If I sit with her she will step in and clean and nurse them, but I understand why this new developmental change is overwhelming.

In just 5-6 days they will be moving out of their whelping box and into their new little romper room area. A bit more space, and some things to interact with.

Mama Beetz’ lochia has full stopped now, that is the blackish greenish discharge after birth. She is still in the stage where her uterus is contracting, and trying to go back to its normal size, so she is panting some, uncomfortable at certain times, and just needs some space.

She is also in that first three week period where I watch carefully that they are getting super balanced nutrition, with a bit more calcium than usual. Since I feed raw these markers aren’t hard to meet, but I am adding more raw goats milk, and an extra raw neck or ground whole chicken with organs. She is still craving liver for sure.

She has good energy during parts of the day and for chores, but she definitely is super tired during other times of the day, I can only imagine the energy and caloric drain of seven puppies. So I am watching, tending too, giving tlc, and offering food throughout the day to Mama Beetz. Giving birth is a huge event, and I have found for all of my animals that it is the 2-3 weeks afterwards that need a lot of attention and a watchful eye.

Enjoy the video, this is where things get super rock n roll and fun!

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