DAY #15

Well I was up until 2am doing puppy nails.

It didn’t take that long, I just had to wait until they were fully milk drunk so I could handle them without squirming.

So I listened to a podcast next to the whelping box, and when they were officially out, one at a time I lifted them into my lap and trimmed their sharp nails, and examined every little part of them. It was actually a super tender time, and lovely.

Mama Beetz has to be grateful to a certain degree, that has to hurt with seven of them nursing.

Well as soon as they wake up, they crawl as far away as they can to potty now, it is so super cool to see this mature each day, and how natural it is. The potty pads are filled each morning and throughout the day.

I am speaking with potential puppy people each day. It is the side of being a breeder that most people aren’t aware of. It is a lot of conversations, talking about my dogs, their dogs, and dogs in general, and finding a mutual fit.

Because I have a youtube channel that is now going on 16 years, and a few blogs, and a super active newsletter, there is a lot of transparency. And for me that is how it should be.

Some of the puppies now have inked in lips, and their noses are almost filled in, and super long whiskers!

I spent the morning talking with raw food companies. My last litter I did all home-made raw food, it was awesome and I loved doing it, but for ease of transition to their new homes, I want to also transition them to a commercial raw food, and that way I can send home some food that is available across the USA, or they can use that as they transition to the diet that is in their household. Lots of great companies with super knowledgeable people, and some are breeders themselves so they have breeder programs set up within their companies, love that.

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