DAY #16

Waking up is a bit like the best birthday present morning ever. We have a bed in the kennel room, and I sleep here during unique, special, or really anytime I want to spend more time with my dogs in the evenings. This bed is super well used during firework season, which is still happening every evening since new years eve, during heavy weather systems, and it is the room with the best wood stove ever so in the winter it is the coziest room as well. So I guess if you really wanted to know my REAL bedroom, it might be the kennel room, perhaps that is why it is set up the way it is.

A queen bed, crates, two giant dog beds, rugs, a wide walk in shower and functional farm bathroom, a dresser with dog gear, wood stove, our work coats and shoe rack, and access to the back pasture to go directly to work. In other words, the best kennel room ever, and one I have dreamed of for years. When our remodel is finished, the walls will also have Norwegian pine siding.

I always wanted my kennel room to be big, feel like a real bedroom that was dog focused, and a place I wanted to hang out in and work in. It is almost there!

Well waking up next to the whelping box, seeing little puppies that are now greeting me, moving towards me, and trying to make eye contact and focus on me, thank God for this experience.

I am an infrequent breeder, meaning, when it is the two right dogs, at the right time, and it all works smoothly. Almost daily I am receiving e-mails to be on my wait list for the next litter. Here is the reality, my last litter was almost 5 years ago, before that 10 years, and before that 8 years. So you can be on my wait list, but it will be the very definition of the word. These perfect pups are here and now, and what I can talk to you about and offer.

My children grew up knowing the real responsibility of owning a dog, because of our bustling competition dog heavy home and my work with other people. Now that my daughter is working on ranches, she is almost ready for the commitment of one of our pups. This is weighing heavy on her as her job is out on the range most days with heavy work, fencing, and all that comes with that. We are trying to come to an arrangement of sorts for a co-ownership. As her mother, it makes my heart so full to start her dog with her. Feels pretty good.

And and and … the pups were up late last night, so my family all came to the kennel room and we were snuggling, holding, talking and laughing with the puppies. Mama Beetz loved having that break, and we loved puppy sitting.

The coats are starting to change, we are starting to see wavy fur on some of them. The play sessions are more obvious now, and they are practicing being baby canines with their vocalizations, the noises coming out of the box are awesome!

Okay it is time for chores, if you are interested, contact me and lets talk. Nancy

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  1. mimitui says:

    Just love hearing about your journey with the puppies. Thank you for doing this. Judy and Violet

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  2. Kristy Bly says:

    I absolutely love these updates and learning about what’s transpiring through your eyes. Thanks so much for sharing. I am dreaming of a dog-focused mud room and really enjoyed picturing your dream kennel room; it sounds amazing!!

    I have thought a lot about this litter and the timing. I’m incredibly grateful to you that you would consider one of your amazing pups coming to me. That means so much to me. I have to admit that I’m not ready for two reasons: (1) My girls have hard habits that I don’t want a new dog to acquire-Mission prey obsession; Topa strange dog aversion/fear and (2) my man is fine with me dog sitting and agreed to my first foster experience but he is not interested in a three dog household. This litter also has me thinking about what traits I am looking for in my next dog(s). I’m starting a list and will add and edit. We live in the country yet not on a working farm, which might be best suited for these amazing pups?

    So much to think about and plan for. Thanks for always being an inspiration and supporting me on my journey as an utterly blessed dog person!


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