DAY #17

Late last night I got super curious about the nutrition the pups are getting right now from their Mama.

It is a weird late night search, and weird things come up when searching for nutritional benefits of canine milk.

But I did eventually find a study – beagles in a lab environment, on crappy kibble. So with a dog that has access to sunshine, earth, work, and a species appropriate diet, I think these numbers would be a bit different.

But this study did confirm my thoughts that canine milk has to be pretty high in fat, especially witnessing the rate at which they grow. The fat content in canine milk is even higher than goats milk, and that is saying something.

Nutrition of Canine milk – contains on average

22.7% dry matter

9.47% fat

7.53% protein

3.81% sugar/carbohydrate

146 kcal gross energy per 100 g

Protein comprised 31% of milk energy

Here is another study if you are interested – and this one was done by family pet dog owners, so the variables were much greater. STUDY and the study was funded by Nestle Purina for their dog milk replacer, so take this a pinch or maybe a bucket of salt.

So female dogs can have anywhere from 8-12 teats, and the are counted in pairs. Eight is usually smaller breeds, twelve is usually larger breeds, ten is the most common.

Mama Beetz has ten teats, so ample access to nursing for seven puppies, but you would never know it because they all want the same teat at the same time!

Her groin teats seem to be the most milk laden, and those seem to be the most popular choice, squirming in through the back legs to access the secret spot.

Her chest teats, right behind her arm pits are smaller in comparison, but when the pups latch on to those, they don’t let go and tend to fall asleep while nursing.

And then her abdominal teats are the buffet line, the rugby scrum, the tag-your-it zone. This is cool to watch every time. This is where a litter of puppies starts to build their frustration tolerance, their self control, their persistence and resilience, and all of the qualities they need in the canine and human world to handle experiences.

We had one of our new puppy families come over this morning to visit with everyone, chat, and hang out and watch puppies this age do what they do. Super nice morning. I am watching two puppies for them and hoping to find an awesome match for their needs of family and cattle ranching, and a ride-a-long work dog.

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