DAY #18

Well today we had the first social tail-wags. There have been tail wags for milk, for Mama, for potty – but today the first for social greeting, to me and to the other pups.

The first growls.

The first paw on the head.

The first sleeping apart in little micro groups.

So many firsts today.

It is a gift to see canine communication in its pure form with no influence. It is communication of a species that is innate, natural, and for survival and social purposes.

Dogs use their paws, jaws, and vocalizations to communicate, with new puppies you can see how these behaviors are a very part of who they are, and what they do, and how they interact with each other.

Learning to communicate, how it works and how it does not, what the consequences are in the safety of their whelping box, and then when the milk truck arrives, topple on top of each other and communally nurse, and finish with a puppy mosh pit nap.

Trust, frustration tolerance, communication, bodily functions – it is so amazing to watch it unfold.

I hope you are all enjoying the videos – they are my diary, but so much to watch and learn.

In this litter we have two tri’s but they are so super dark that you have to really look to see. A dark brown against a black coat. I have a feeling that the tri-coats will be a dusty black or bleach out a bit in the summer with some red. So hard to tell what genetics have in store for this coloring.

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  1. mimitui says:

    So exciting! Wish I had the energy for one of your puppies 🤣


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