DAY #20

We have had a big day. Chores, work, chores, phone calls, paper work, more calls, and the puppies teeth came in today!

We have play bows, backing up, growling, hip checks, and I am even getting my nose sucked on now, yummy!

I did ever so briefly feel a little tooth in one of their mouths this morning, and by tonight, all puppies had their milk teeth coming in. They aren’t sharp daggers quite yet, but they have now officially entered the teething stage.

Uncle Massimo is SO excited to run down and greet everyone every morning now, tail wagging and all. They are part of his world now, for a brief meet and greet each day.

Mama Beetz is so generous, so lovely, so kind. She has been sharing moments with her pups with us and visitors for the past two and a half weeks, without complaint but with a super watchful eye, and now I need to give her a break.

After I changed out the bedding, I was sitting next to the whelping box and she just crawled up in my lap and wanted to be loved on, wanted comfort all to herself, and wanted us again. So a break it is.

These nuggets are about to get rascally, with more mobility, and desire to engage with other objects, and explore. Their play sessions five days ago were about two to three seconds long, and today a bit over four minutes. Let me say that again, two seconds to four minutes in just five days!

The pups received their first toys! Super unexpected and so exciting, thank you Steve!

I have been on the phone all afternoon with the insurance company I have chosen for the pups, they have a Breeder Support Department, you get an account manager with a real name who answers the phone personally, and they are so super nice and helpful. This has been such a great experience getting this all set up for our new families.

I also was in conversation with three commercial raw food companies that have Breeder Support Programs, and also a great experience, super knowledgable staff, and products I feel really good about.

We have one puppy that is available. This puppy will be a great herder with sheep and carry the traditional hard eye trait, or what some people call the old fashioned border collie. I feel the old fashioned border collies are the kind, sensible, balanced, thoughtful, and hard working border collies – honesty and integrity in spades when they are adults. And also fabulous at dog sports and adventuring. Two deposit/holds on this puppy, and life circumstances got in the way, and this happens sometimes. So available again. Mama Beetz had three or four deposits put down on her, and it was the most divorce year I think that I can remember. It got to the point where she was clearly ours, and we just didn’t want to hear about another divorce.

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