DAY #21

First off I heard from a few Mom’s this week that their children are following the daily diary updates for our litter, and watching the videos – welcome to all of you! This makes my heart so happy that you get to be part of our puppies lives and their stories from the very beginning.

So today marks three weeks on the planet. Over night their little neonatal short muzzles, designed to latch on to teats at birth, have elongated enough where it is super obvious. To accommodate teeth for sure, but also in preparation to start eating food outside of nursing, and that happens in just a few days.

Today they were all a little cranky. Playing for sure was a bit edgy and I would imagine it has something to do with twenty-eight teeth trying to push in all at the same time. That is most likely one angry little puppy mouth with lots of discomfort. But every time that Mama Beetz stepped in to nurse them, everyone settled right back in, the magic of a mama.

Their little digestive systems are also maturing. Their puppy poops when they were born were half moon shape, tiny and brown. As they are gaining more flora, their system more information, and their little systems waking up, they are all stating to eliminate on their own, their poop is longer, slightly orangish, and some with a little mucus. All normal transitions.

And most of all, that yummy first day photo of #5 in the palm of hand, well these pups no longer fit in that small of a space, they are for sure growing milk chunks.

Here are two of the sisters side-by-side, I thought this was so precious this evening.

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