DAY #22

So much fun today.

We have orientation to known voices.

Puppies trying to focus on eye contact. Psst if you didn’t know, Border Collies love to make eye contact, and eye gaze.

Lots more engagement in play.

AND in the video at 11:10 – we have our first puppy who is cleaning herself. This is huge!

Mama Beetz has been cleaning, licking genitals to get the puppies to eliminate, and today, #3 started to clean herself.

All of their ruffs are thickening up, we are seeing more wavy coats, and I think I saw some pretty long eye lashes on one of them today.

For sure more teeth, more chewing, and the world is my chewing oyster feeling!

#5 and #2 are the first two to try and play with their mother, grabbing her nose, gently tugging on an ear, rolling over like weeble-wobbles, and trying again. Mama Beetz, like her mother, is so patient and attentive with each one. While she is currently being used as a jungle gym, is their only source of food, and their maid, and their comfort and safety, she is now becoming their parent that teaches them about canine social skills going forward.

Enjoy, this is a bit longer chat but so many cool things to observe today!

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