DAY #23


Today was the puppies first day trying food.

It is a progression – they are sucklers and nursing. They will then try lapping, and then learn to grab, rip, and swallow.

Todays menu was a slurry of three times ground chicken with bone and skin, Sunny’s raw goats milk – on a cutting board for easy access.

Some of the puppies were super stoked and went right into licking and lapping, and others were not the least bit impressed – Mama’s milk or bust! And this is all normal.

So slow introductions of slurry this week, once or twice a day and working up to three times a day.

They were all cleaned today with a warm wet towel, that was a new experience.

They all got to explore a new area while I was cleaning their box, because it was a chicken disaster!

And then Mama came to the rescue, finished cleaning them up, cleaning up the yummy chicken bits, and nursed them all to sleep. It will be good to see what their new food poops look like.

I am so grateful for our Sunny goat who produces the best milk ever, for us and our dogs and now for the puppies. She is forage, hay fed, with the addition of BOSS and free choice kelp and herbs. Her milk is the best.

You can see with my grinds, the puppies is lighter as it is more meat heavy, and ground super fine. The adult grind is bone, meat, organs, and skin. The color tells it all.

Time to check on the super snoozers.

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