DAY #24

Well day #2 eating and everyone was super hungry and super stoked with the puppy-slurry.

Less clean up than yesterday, but still a bit messy, as is expected.

And the first afternoon in the romper room.

The pups will be in there during most of the afternoon, Mama Beetz can ask to go in and out and be with her pups, and at night they will be in their whelping box for another week or two.

They have had a big morning of a lot of new things, and all of them did super good. They kind of are rolling with the changes as they change, which is a great thing.

My son was with me this morning and spent a couple of hours helping me feed, clean up, and move everyone over to the romper room. He was a big help with our last litter and it was good to have him here this morning.

Mama Beetz is hanging in the office with me this afternoon, it is cooler in here and a nice break for her. I am not so sure she is digging the eruption of new teeth. I think at night when she is sleeping with them, they are waking up and not only nursing but chewing on her. She was up and own a lot last night. She kept wanting to get back into the box, but wouldn’t be in there for long.

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