DAY #25

Well Mama Beetz was nursing her dawn patrol crew while I was getting their breakfast ready.

Everyone was super content this morning, the whole household actually.

The plate of raw whole chicken, ground fine, raw goats milk, and diatomaceous earth went down, and all seven came over and started to snarf it up. Remarkably at this point, there is no resource guarding, some singing and excitement, but they are all sharing at this point, which is new to me.

Everyone cleaned off, put in the romper room, and within 1-5 minutes seven perfect poops, perfect. If nothing else goes right in my day today, seven perfect poops means I already won in some way. What goes in must come out, and when it comes out so perfectly, well …

They are all now defecating on their own, no need to be stimulated by their mama any longer. She is still cleaning them, but they now respond to the feeling of eliminating on their own and try their best to run to the potty mats, all on their own.

We received some new toys yesterday, thank you Kelly, and those are now in the romper room.

Today will be the first day of two meals, and I will hold off on the second meal until later afternoon.

When I went into the romper room to clean up a bit, my toes were being nibbled on and I had this realization that while they know me, and will work their way towards me if they see or smell me, they had never met my toes. It was this sweet moment of all of us being a bit surprised by this.

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