DAY #28

This was a super fun morning.

#7 was standing and rocking back and forth growling and I was wondering what she was doing, and then she lunged a bit forward with a little bark. This was the first bark in the litter, and it surprised #7 as well as everyone else.

Shortly after that #2 tried it out and fell sideways, and then #1 tried a howl.

For the past four weeks there have been whines, whimpers, chirps, and noises that communicate directly with their mother, their basic needs, and comfort. Now they are developing a communication outside of that. A voice of their own.

In so many ways, I wish more people getting a puppy for the first time, or tenth time, had more understanding of the developmental stages a puppy goes through before they ever arrive at their new home. All of this development is normal, natural, and part of the species. And I think it really enhances the human-dog bond to really know each other more than just a ‘welcome home’.

All of the puppies are now fully aware of the entry gate to the romper room and sit and sleep there if a person or their Mama is present. They know the gig.

Teething is super real now, and it hurts. They are grinding, baring down, and chomping on everything they can.

Food, food, and more food. We have three meals a day, and they are all eating so super well. Their food is still a slurry, and I will keep it that way for about another week or so, and slowly decrease the moisture.

So last night they went to bed at 11pm, or rather I turned the lights off and it was a ‘we are all going to bed now’. Mama Beetz was super clear that she did not want to go to bed with them. Everyone slept until just before 4am, and Mama Beetz wanted in to nurse them. They all gulped for about 10 minutes, got up and eliminated, crawled back in their nesting box, and they slept until roughly 9am. So they are sleeping for about 4-5 hours now and doing super well with that.

I had a busy night with my goats, and it started to snow which makes chores extra awesome and kind of magical. After I milked my Sunny it was just a moment of overwhelming gratitude for what she produces for us, my puppies and adult dogs, and how much I love her, like a sister. If you have goats, you know. While she was finishing her alfalfa, I just laid over her back as I often do, because we both love that, and just felt so grateful for her and us. Then coming in and watching all my dogs drink up what I just milked, it is so satisfying.

Okay, here is the new jail break crew moments before nap time, you can start to see how rich and thick their coats are becoming.

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