DAY #30

Snowy day.

Lots of family visiting today.

Lots of everything good.

The puppies had some commercial raw food today mixed in with their chicken/raw goat milk/winter squash slurry. It was turkey protein, so their first change in protein, and some additions of different types of fruit and veggie.

We also had our first bone day, duck necks. As soon as they went down, the pups knew exactly what to do, instinct. They held on with paws and used their predator teeth to pull, grab, and rip. Again we had no resource guarding until the very end, but some of that was also being over tired I think. They all did super well with it, and as their digestion matures so does their poop.

Ha – one of my clients mentioned today that I write a lot about poop. Well yes, yes I do. What goes in must come out, and in between that is a digestive system that I want to know is maturing and working correctly, which means that good nutrients, bioavailable nutrients are being absorbed and not just filling the belly but nourishing the system.

Lots of play today, bigger play, scampier play.

Two of the pups engaged in tug today with a little knotted sock. They were holding on and thrashing each other about.

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