DAY #31

Well it started lightly yesterday and is in full swing today.

F.R.A.P. – frenetic random activity periods OR frenetic random acts of play sessions.

Lots of owners call this – zoomies, the bewitching hour, unleashing the kraken, crazed puppy, and none of these are wrong, they all describe the same thing. And it is all normal.

When puppies have been physically or mentally stimulated, or not stimulated enough, they will go through what looks like a puppy gone wild for about five to ten minutes, and then pass out. It can happen any time of day, but for sure is super common before the afternoon long nap time, and for sure right at dusk.

I generally see puppies grow out of this around 6-8 months of age.

I guess the most important thing is to have a safe environment, because puppies don’t make good choices during these moments, and to dress accordingly, because they will grip onto whatever is available.

Today the puppies appetites have gone way up, no more light meals but full meals three times per day. We now have introduced – raw whole chicken, raw commercial complete meal of turkey and produce mixture, raw chicken liver and kidney, raw goats milk, cooked winter squash, and a smidge of banana. They have had supplements of DE, 4LR – greens, mushrooms blend, mussel oil.

And today we introduced a bowl of water, that was the happening place for a good long while, some tried lapping, and some just dunked their head right in, and then tried doing it again. Water is always a good time!

We had duck necks again today, some resource guarding that is totally normal with high value introductions. Interestingly enough, we have no resource guarding with the food plate at all. I have some breeders following this litter that are new to raw feeding, when you introduce bones or chews, you are supervising, and then you remove what hasn’t been eaten before you need to step away.

And we introduced new cave beds to the romper room. It is so wild to me that puppies know what is comfy and where to seek it out. Bed hopping was a thing today, and they are all trying them out and loving them.

We expanded the romper room a bit tonight, and tomorrow we add a whole new section. Slowly but surely we are all growing together!

And I think the sweetest thing today was when Mama Beetz and I woke up, my husband was in the romper room cuddling the puppies and telling them about their grandma. It is like Christmas to wake up to something so so so sweet.

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