DAY #32

So much fun today – #2 male puppy had his new family come and visit today. So fun to see a grown cowboy say OUCH when a puppy is munching on his toes! hahaha Such a sweet visit.

I am getting my puppy packets together – because I am a breeder, and a trainer, and a writer, this packet is getting longer than the length of the bible, so I need to go through everything again. But truth be told, if I was getting a new puppy I would be STOKED with all of this info. We shall see.

The puppies are gaining skills in conflict resolution, in frustration tolerance, in taking the space they need in order to feel safe, and snuggling in their new bat caves! Oh man, do they ever love these new little beds, it is like snuggle city in there during nap times.

Enjoy! Nancy

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