Day #35

Such a content morning.

Mama Beetz wanted in with her pups about 3:30am, and she stayed in there with them until about 6pm, the puppies were so calm so content, and probably super milked up.

They all went to the pads, or close, eliminated and then went back to sleep until about 9am.

I try to not serve breakfast until after 8am sometime, today it was about 8:30am. It is helpful when transitioning into a new home to have a later breakfast time than one at zerodarkthirty. People like to sleep, I get that, and puppies like to get up early, so I try to strike a balance, even if just a wee one.

They have handled all of the new food additions really well so far. I do them every other day now, while keeping the base the same. Why? Well it is building a healthy microbiome for one, and also digestive knowledge in the gut, and nutritional wisdom or rather how to choose foods that the system needs.

So far –

raw chicken with bone

raw chicken with bone and just a bit of raw liver

OC RAW commercial chicken and produce

OC RAW commercial turkey and produce

OC RAW commercial duck and produce

raw lamb

raw lamb bones for chewing

raw goat bones for chewing

raw duck necks for chewing

raw duck egg yoke

raw goats milk

After eating this morning, well they were ready to rock n’ roll in their slightly expanded romper room. It was fun to see them know their new space, where to hide, where to trick each other. The games are coming on. You can see the game start, the rules change, and the game progress. They don’t last long, but they are developing games!

The washer and dryer are not far from the kennel room, the puppies know that sound well and don’t skip a beat.

They know the radio, movie sounds, all of us talking and walking up and down stairs – regular household noises.

This week I started to use the vacuum in the kennel room, it was a must! Just like a mama animal in the wild would not just let their new borns ‘take it’ from the environment, they would comfort and protect them and help them understand, I do the same when introducing anything new.

After they had eaten, chewed on bones, eliminated, and then nursed – I left Mama Beetz in the romper room to nap with them, and started the vacuum on the opposite side of the house from the kennel room, and did each room moving closer to the kennel area. By the time I got to that room, everyone was sound asleep with their mama. This is called conditioning an emotional response, in a positive and purposeful way. After all, I like clean floors, I would imagine other households do as well, so slowly but surely, in a purposeful way, household noises will be expanded in the final 3.5 weeks these pups are with me. Woosh, time goes by so quickly.

My Trupanion Puppy Packets came in for my new puppy owners. I have never used puppy insurance until now. Why? Well in our area veterinary care is so expensive that a little bump or bruise or tooth huha is a significant fee. So this will give that cushion to my new puppy owners, and this company is 90% coverage. I make zero money telling you all this, not affiliated. Just stoked for this Breeder Support Program.

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