DAY #36

Today was a new developmental as well as learned shift in behavior with resources.

We had communal sharing of bones, bones on the ground, puppies freely walking around, and no resource guarding.

Every day for a week now, we have bone chewing time in the afternoon after lunch time and before nursing. Today the feeling of hanging out was palpable. It was so cool to see this.

Mama Beetz was nursing the pups and she gently turned her head to the side and gently and in a very low tone growled at one of the pups. I am not sure if the pup was biting her or scratching her, but that pup heeded her gesture immediately, tucked tail and switched to the other side.

If someone ever corrects their dog harshly and then says, well that’s what a mama dog would do, well no, no they don’t. Their corrections and gentle and purposeful, they are teaching and learning lessons. A mama dogs corrections never violate the trust and bond, and most importantly, safety.

I took this in the wee hours of the morning, not totally in focus because of poor lighting, but you will get it. The pups were playing with and sleeping on their mama, and it was one of the most precious and intimate things I have seen in a long time. Enjoy

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