DAY #39

Mama Lessons.

This is the developmental stage, 5-6 weeks of age, where a lot of breeders get ready to send puppies to their new homes. Some are weaned at this age, they are super active, they are eating a bunch, eliminating on their own, why not, adios!

Well from now to just before nine weeks of age, the mama dog has a lot of life lessons to pass along to her pups, mostly, how to be a good dog in the dog world. Use your self control, don’t be a jerk, not everything is yours, how to use paws and jaws to communicate, resolve conflict, and learn how to use your body language and vocal language skills.

When puppies become super active, and super scampy, it is tempting to send them to their new homes, it is a lot of work on the breeder end of things. But, the extra few weeks are worth it, for pups, breeder, new owners, and mama.

The mama dog is first and foremost the mother – she is also the teacher, the feeder, the interpreter to human communication, the protector, and their world. Their entire world.

The respect I have for my mama dogs has no words, I really just stand in awe as I observe everything she does and what she teaches.

The puppies had so many visitors the past two days that today we are taking a break from everything. While I clean their romper room daily, and do a bazillion loads of laundry, today I am doing a deep clean after work, adding some new items, and also cracking the window for more fresh and cool air during the day.

For breakfast the pups had – ground raw goat with some fat, raw duck egg yolks, raw goats milk, and OC RAW turkey complete meal – with DE, mussel oil, mushroom blend.

Our one visitor last night is a friend from Montreal. She has a small herding mix and she is also a raw feeder. When she was visiting with the puppies she commented on how rich and yummy their coats felt and how full their little bodies were. It is true. Their little bodies are nourished from the inside out.

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